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The Fascination of Coffee Beans: Everything You Need to Know


Coffee beans are an increasingly popular product, especially among coffee aficionados looking for a more intense and richer flavour. But what makes coffee beans so special and why do many people prefer them over other forms of coffee? In this article, we will explore the origins, beneficiaries, and benefits of this product to help you […]

Tasting Kit 50 Morola Coffee Pods

If you like to vary or are trying to figure out which blend is your favorite, this is the perfect solution. Try them all and choose what delights your palate the most; in the package are all our blends: Classic, Serendipity, Limited Edition, Creamy, Decaffeinated and the exclusive top of the line El Mirador. Safe shipping thanks to its organized packaging so that the package arrives intact to the end consumer;

Morola Decaffeinated Coffee Pod

A coffee born to dispel preconceptions. Saying Decaffeinated is a bit like saying you’re about to drink an espresso that lacks something. Unfortunately we must admit that often those who approach a cup with this preconception are not wrong at all. For this reason, we wanted to preserve the taste of Italian espresso in our pods, choosing the more complex path: that of absolute quality!

Morola El Mirador Coffee Pod

El Mirador: a coffee that pays homage to the land. On the highest point of our plantation we have made a small plaza from which to admire the view of the mountains opposite. In the absolute silence you can hear the roar of the waters of a small waterfall of the Rio Colorado River flowing downstream. On the left side, which is very steep but the only practicable one, coffee trees of the prized varieties-Catuai, Typica, Bourbon, Obata, Ihcafe90-have found a home, processed with the tecnical de semilavato with natural drying in greenhouses in the sun.

MOKANDO Morola Coffee Grinder

MOKANDO is MOROLA’s instant and profesional coffee grinder suitable for all uses, thanks to its extreme ease of use, small size and quiet operation, especially suitable for bean blends .MOKANDO is the ideal tool for coffee shops, roasters and grocery stores that package fresh ground coffee at retail.