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Morola Linea Grigia

Pino from Puglia has a solid practical experience in the laboratory and in the marketing direction. He refined his passion for coffee by becoming an expert in sensory analysis and Espresso Italiano Trainer. He continuously continues to train with AICAF, IIAC, SCAE and by selecting the coffee directly in the countries of origin. He is part of the Umami area of Honduras and he plays an active role in the Finca Rio Colorado project in Las Capucas, a unique human laboratory in which people work to develop a model of truly sustainable integration between man and nature. He personally followed all the development phases of the Morola® Concept Store project, with the aim of promoting the Italian taste in the world.
In summary, the commitment of Pino Fumarola is the one of continuous and shared learning for the common good, he is also in the board and founding partner of ApuliaAziendeAssociate a group of Apulian and Italian entrepreneurs from various sectors who support a production 100% Made in Italy.

Every single cup of Morola coffee must be a perfect espresso; this is our goal,and in order to reach it, we move on various directions, including never-ending researches on coffee plants, on how it is cultivated and how the product is harvested and processed before it reaches our laboratories and we often meet the producers directly on the plantations. 5 blends to satisfy every need at any time of the day, starting at 7:30 am with Morola Classico for a vigorous awakening, continuing with a Morola Limited Edition at 10:30 am with a multi-award winning coffee, the end of a meal at 13:30 it deserves a Morola Arancio to help the digestion to run forward until 17:30 the moment of pure pleasure with Morola Rio Colorado a complex, citrusy coffee that lends itself to being enjoyed during a break with real friends, served with little Apulian almond pastries; obviously you can’t miss the coffee at 9:30 pm, the decaffeinated Morola that everything may seems, except a decaffeinated coffee.
At Morola Caffè Italiano we join research groups that study the evolution of roasting, we work together with the best Italian equipment manufacturers to verify what happens to our espresso Morola once extracted into a cup and, what is truly unique of its kind, we can say we are innovative by investing directly in the places of origin by training the farmers.
Constantly we continue to attend specialized courses to learn new techniques and to learn about market trends, we also organize courses for our professional clients. Moreover, to satisfy our end customers we organize tastings in order to train passioned customers to appreciate the qualities of a good Italian “espresso”.

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