le origini dell' espresso Morola

Accustomed as we are to meeting our needs with a simple click on the mouse or at most making a distracted tour through the shelves of a supermarket, we often forget what the origins of the espresso really are and where our products come from and that the people involved in the processing stages are so many. This is why we, from Morola Caffè, try to maintain a constant relationship with all the players in the production chain. In this section from time to time we report useful analyses about our magnificent work, not only talking about the magical grain which we make our beloved espresso with, but also about the stories of people, thanks to them we can really enjoy our beloved cup of Morola coffee. Besides the classic in-depth analyses of the theme, you will also find images and cues of everyday life, directly lived in the places of origin, all material useful for understanding the value of our espresso.