To tell what we wanted to do, we could have created catalogs, renderings or projects but we decided to physically create a Morola Caffè Italiano Concept Store, a place to dive in, where to taste, breathe and live the experience we want to convey, when we suggest to create a Morola project around the world.

A meeting place where you can introduce, tell each product’s story and make comparative tastings. The inner structure is organized into four areas;

Storytelling: here the places of origin, the people who work the coffee and the working phases up to the cup of coffee will be introduced, all that emotionally accompanied by excellent music.

Cooking show: In this space the coffee will be introduced and told in all its forms. Demonstrations will be carried out, courses for passionate people and professionals, preparations, tastings and preparation phases explanatory videos.

Morola Caffe Italiano Lounge: comfortable armchairs for tasting preparations but, above all, for setting talk shows with VIP in the coffee field in order to better know this boundless world.

Department store: the place where to buy Morola delicacies at corporate prices.

This concept store is a replicable model which we have prepared special projects for different sizes and different needs for. There is a catalog with all the Concept Store items and much more, including equipment and also the workwear fashion line exclusively drawn by designers of the prestigious brand “Calceviva”. The project manager Fulvio Torretta will act as general contractor through the Donato Santoro Group; a low and guaranteed final price. The pull of professionals includes all the professional figures necessary for the success of the stores, including the “Studio di Croce” to ensure the best possible access to subsidized credit or (where the conditions exist) non-repayable loans, “Ravazza Studio” for management heritage and many other professionals in the sector.

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August 2022


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