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Morola Caffè Italiano: the highest quality “espresso”, to pass our strict quality controls, all products must be environmentally friendly.
Morola Caffè line is completed with: barley espresso, chocolate and cappuccino drinks and several herbal teas and infusions mainly coming from organic farming. Recently the new line “ Morola Gelato Italiano” was born from the collaboration with one of the oldest homemade ice cream companies in Italy.
All Morola Caffè products are manufactured in a professional way and packaged according to the most widespread standards available on the market for single portions: pods and capsules compatible with Nespresso *, Lavazza fap *, Lavazza blue *, Lavazza a modo mio*, Dolce Gusto * and many others.

Nespresso*, Lavazza fap*, Lavazza blu*, Lavazza a modo mio*,  Dolcegusto*, are not brands belonging to Apulia Vending s.r.l. or to related companies.

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