Morola Limited Edition coffee pod

Morola Limited Edition coffee pod

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Morola Limited Edition coffee pod, winner in 2014 and 2016 of the prestigious Gold Medal awarded by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters (Iiac).
7 exclusive mono-origins in a blend that gives a sweet but intense flavor, citrus, fruit, sweet with hints of oriental spices, all well balanced. Ideal for a pleasant break.

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Drinking an espresso Morola Limited Edition is equal to living a unique sensory experience.
7 can be understood as the number of perfection, indeed we decided to use 7 single-origin, individually toasted, because in years of selection of the best raw materials and endless sensorial tests with tasting and filling of many evaluation forms, we have identified in “7” the best balance for our Morola Limited Edition.

The limited edition of Morola Caffe Italiano is a truly special product, there is no constant availability during the year but fortunately, our most loyal consumers in those rare moments of emptiness, know how to wait for us while, tasting our Classic blend.

A chat with Pino Fumarola: “One of my best Masters in the coffee sector (Prof: Luigi Odello) uses to say that “quality begins where there are no defects”, this is the mantra that we apply every time we select a product or change a manufacturing process, as I have always said: “Saying Arabica, it means a lot of things but does not mean everything“; first of all we must really be able to select a quality product possibly grown over thousand meters heights and worked without or with the minimum possible of pesticides, in this way the soil produces less and better! We must also be willing to remunerate correctly the people who spend their lives in the fields to provide us with good raw material. This remains a very important first step that could be thwarted if every process from the seedling to the cup is not performed correctly. Commercially, saying that we use a Brazilian Arabica Santos or a Supreme Colombia certainly has an important impact but not for our conscience! In fact, Santos is only the name of the port where the largest amount of Brazilian coffee are destined for export flows. Talking about Brazil, the traceability by indicating the name of the manufacturing company is not really useful, as there are companies so large to produce by themselves. more than all the coffee produced in Bolivia; that’s why we try to buy Brazilian coffee from the Bahia region, which, since 2009 when the Cup of Excellence was established in 2016, has seen 5 of the coffees awarded out of 10 of the whole Brazil. It must be said that every nation has its characteristics, i.e. Colombia: brag about using Supreme coffee is not necessarily a guarantee of quality, as the term Supreme is only to differentiate the size of the beans, as requested by FNC (Federation Nacional Cafeteros) born in 1927 and established as a non-profit, created “Supremo and Excelso”. Unfortunately these ones classify the coffee only based on the size of the beans and have no relation based on quality. Only by buying coffee for which traceability is certain, it is possible to obtain incredibly pleasing products. In Colombia there are about 14 production regions; Quindio, Risalda, Antioquia, Cundinamarca, Sierra Nevada, Tolima, Valle del Cauca, Valle del Cauca, Santander, Noth Santander, (among the best; Huila, Narino 1.5-2.300mt, Caldas 1.3-1.800mt)), while the heights of cultivation vary between 1,300 and 2,300, and the cultivated species are: Tipyca, Caturra and Castillo. But should a consumer drink a good coffee before taking a pre-degree course? Absolutely no! However, it is necessary to choose a brand that we, from Morola, can trust, as well as to create a good relationship with our customers. We are very keen on getting a good reputation among suppliers, my travels in the countries of production and long-term relationships agreements with the manufacturers have precisely the purpose of guaranteeing a promise of quality, made to our current and potential customers”.

Content: Arabica from Costa Rica, Brazil, Ethiopia, Honduras and Colombia.
Robusta from India and Indonesia

Package: single 7.5 g filter paper in a food bag (triple coupled) sealed with nitrogen to allow the blend to best preserve all the organoleptic characteristics, expiring two years after the date of production, shown on the pod.

Use: Espresso machines with pods in filter paper with 44mm standards or, in case of emergency, also with Morola coffee pods maker.

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