Morola Linea Grigia

The blend of Caffè Morola originates from a carefully hand-selected process, choosing only the best quality of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, which are then finely roasted in Italy.
The unique taste of Caffe Morola can be appreciated in every single cup of espresso.

Pino Fumarola, an expert in sensory analysis, personally overlooks the coffee selection process that produces Caffè Morola and signs agreements with small producers to create exclusive products such as the Limited Edition blend.

In 2014 and 2016, Marodda, a subsidiary of Caffè Morola, was awarded the Gold Medal from the International Coffee Tasting Institute in the category of Single Serve Pods.
The Marodda coffee beans are produced to be environmentally friendly as they are made exclusively with re-cyclable products.

The goal of Caffè Morola is to make an excellent espresso starting from the plant, passing through the pods and, by perfect extraction in the machines of Caffè Morola, obtain an exceptional taste.
The sachets containing Caffè Morola coffee is 100% re-cyclable as you can place your used sachet into compost, to re-enact the process in your own home.


Le miscele di Caffè Morola
nascono da un’accurata selezione
delle migliori qualità di caffè arabica e robusta.

Morola tostatura icon

Solo i migliori grani
sono in seguito sapientemente
tostati ad arte in Italia.

Morola Tazzina icon

Il gusto unico
si può apprezzare in ogni
singola tazzina di Caffè Morola espresso.
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