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Explore the World of Coffee with Our Coffee Tasting Kits

Welcome to the captivating world of coffee, where each cup is a discovery of unique flavours and irresistible aromas. Our Coffee Tasting Kits are the perfect starting point to explore this extraordinary beverage and deepen your knowledge of different coffee varieties from around the world.

Expert-Guided Experience

Our kits have been created with the help of coffee experts who carefully selected each variety to ensure an authentic tasting experience. Each kit includes detailed information about the coffee’s origins, the roasting process, and tasting notes, allowing you to fully understand the nuances of each cup.

Experiment, Savour, Learn

With Coffee Tasting Kits, you’ll have the opportunity to experiment with new flavours, discover your favourites, and deepen your passion for coffee. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced connoisseur, these kits are perfect for refining your palate and exploring the ever-evolving world of coffee.

Classic Blend: Bold Intensity for Espresso Enthusiasts

Our Coffee Tasting Kit offers the chance to try the Classic Blend, perfect for those who love a bold, full-bodied, intense espresso. This blend is specially crafted to deliver an authentic and satisfying coffee experience. Enjoy the unmistakable character of this blend and immerse yourself in the intensity of espresso.

Creamy Blend: The Excellence of Neapolitan Espresso

If you’re a fan of Neapolitan lever espresso, the Creamy Blend is an ideal choice. This blend offers a bold, full-bodied, intense, and exceptionally creamy flavour. Each cup is a celebration of the art of Italian espresso, with velvety crema and an enveloping taste.

El Mirador Blend: Extraordinary Taste, Low Caffeine

For those seeking a slightly different variation, the El Mirador Blend is an extraordinary discovery. With low caffeine content, this blend is perfect for any time of day. Enjoy its spicy notes and the delicate hint of caramel and chocolate that will dance on your palate. A coffee experience that will leave you ecstatic without the caffeine buzz.

Limited Edition Blend: Symphony of Tastes and Aromas

Our Limited Edition Blend is a palate masterpiece. Composed of seven individually roasted single origins, this creation offers a sweet yet intensely balanced taste. Discover notes of citrus, pulpy fruit, and hints of oriental spices that blend into a harmonious union. This blend is a celebration of diversity and the excellence of coffee.

Decaffeinated Blend: Full-Bodied Without Caffeine

Even if you prefer to avoid caffeine, you don’t have to miss out on the pleasure of coffee. Our Decaffeinated Blend offers the same crema and full-bodied richness as caffeinated coffee, without the stimulating effects. Perfect for an evening coffee break without compromising sleep.

Ideal Gift for Coffee Enthusiasts

Our kits are also a perfect gift for the coffee enthusiasts in your life. Thoughtfully packaged and ready to be given, Coffee Tasting Kits are a gesture of affection that allows you to share the joy of coffee with others.

Choose Your Coffee Tasting Kit

Explore our range of Coffee Tasting Kits and embark on your journey to discover the flavours of coffee. Whether you want to explore coffees from different regions or experience different roasts, we have the perfect kit for you. Trust us for expert guidance in the world of coffee and transform every cup into an unforgettable experience.