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organic and soluble brews.
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Our Story

 Their unique taste can be appreciated in every single cup of Morola caffe Italiano espresso.

Pino Fumarola, an expert in sensory analysis, personally oversees the selection of coffees that give life to Morola caffe Italiano blends by traveling to the countries of origin and signing agreements with small producers to give life to exclusive products such as Morola’s Limted Edition espresso coffee, awarded both in 2014 and 2016 and 2019 with the gold medal by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters in the e.s.e. pod category, or like the GOLD blend peremiated at the 2017 International Coffe Tasting ASIA.

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There are some people who cannot start their day without a cup of freshly brewed coffee, and we understand them.

Cups Set

The unique taste can be appreciated in every single cup of Morola Espresso Coffee.

Coffee Beans

Only the best grains are later expertly artfully roasted in Italy.


Thanks to coffee capsules, it is possible to enjoy a professional product with minimal effort.


Morola coffee pods have a focus on the environment made from environmentally friendly and recyclable products.

Explore the Real Italian Coffee with our exclusive Tasting Kit!

With the Morola Tasting Kit, we offer you the opportunity to savor 120 carefully selected coffee pods, each telling a unique story of intense aromas and rich flavor. From a robust espresso to a delicate decaffeinated coffee, our kit includes a wide range of options to satisfy every palate.

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    There are people who can’t start their day without having a freshly brewed cup of coffee and we understand them.

    Excellent quality coffee, I highly recommend it. They ship all over Italy with great punctuality, needless to say Morola is now my coffee of choice!

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    A place that will welcome you by offering a refined, elegant and refined environment where you can enjoy one of the absolute best coffees synonymous with the Italian brand.

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    For those who love coffee, for those who want to take a break in the office, enjoying a highly qualitative blend.
    Excellent product unmatched in quality/price.

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