White, 100% high quality ceramic cup set with handle, including saucer saucer under cup also in white color made of 100% ceramic.


Set of cups for cappuccio; white, 100% high quality ceramic with handle, including saucer, also white in 100% ceramic.

White 6-piece espresso set with Morola Caffè Italiano brand, as shown in the image. The set includes 6 ceramic cups of 180cc / ml with an upper diameter of 90mm and a cup height of 70mm and 6 ceramic saucers with a diameter of approximately 140mm and a height of 18mm.

Set suitable for intensive use in a professional environment such as bars, restaurants, hotels, etc. , a fantastic gift idea for various occasions, or simply to treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and pleasure during your coffee break.

The cup was created for coffee, to make the most of its flavour. In fact, ceramic is a more insulating material than glass, therefore it is able to retain heat better, guaranteeing the possibility of consuming your coffee in peace, without hurrying so as not to let it cool down.

Safe shipping thanks to its packaging organized in such a way that the package arrives intact to the final consumer.


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