Set of 6 excellent quality clear glass mugs, with handle, including saucer under mug also made of clear glass. Crystal clear glass, heavy metal-free material, absolute brilliance and restistance;


Ginseng cups set in excellent quality transparent glass, with handle, including saucer also in transparent glass. Crystalline glass, material free of heavy metals, absolute brilliance and resistance;

Set consisting of 6 pieces, each cup bears the “Morola Caffè Italiano logo ”, as per image. The set includes 6 glass cups of 65cc / 75 ml with 6 glass saucers;

Set suitable for intensive use in a professional environment such as bars, restaurants, hotels, etc. , a fantastic gift idea for various occasions, or simply to treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and pleasure while tasting a good drink;

Glass arrived first in bars, which started offering coffee, but also cappuccinos, ginseng and other drinks, in small glass glasses as an alternative to the classic ceramic cups . And so the fashion for coffee in glass was also born, to diversify and move away from tradition for something more modern;

An advantage of glass is that even before consuming the drink you can evaluate its quality thanks to its transparency, which also allows you to admire its color and texture, as well as evaluate the foam on top of the drink;

Safe shipping thanks to its packaging organized in such a way that the package arrives intact to the final consumer;

Contents: 6 pieces of high quality glass mugs.

Format: 23cm x 12cm x 12cm; 1.69 Kg

Use: bouble shot espresso, espresso, barley, ginseng and various compositions where a sturdy cup with a wide cone is needed


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